Your modern pharmacy partner

Narcotic reconciliation

Hassle-free Narcotic counts and inventory reconciliations that integrate automatically with your pharmacy management system.

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Your modern pharmacy partner

Patient services

Enhance patient care. Minimize time spent on professional services. Maximize your profits by a more intuitive patient communication platform

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Your modern pharmacy partner

OCR prescription processing

Automate your pharmacy workflow, using trusted OCR technology to process scanned Rx and Rx received by fax, process Rx in few seconds, reduce the risk of dispensing errors.

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Your modern pharmacy partner

Nodens Pharmacy management system

Efficient, user-friendly pharmacy management system (PMS). Developed by Canadian pharmacists. Nodens can be specifically tailored to suit your pharmacy's needs.

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Narcotic reconciliation module

Patient services module


Nodens pharmacy management system


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Smart fridge temperature recording


Nodens pharmacy scheduler

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Why Nodens?

Fast Improvement Platform

Regular updates to fulfill your needs based on customer feedback

Cloud-based pharmacy applicatio

You can use it anywhere from any device.

Online presence for your pharmacy

We create your pharmacy website and mobile application for your patient's convenience

Proven increased productivity

Process Rx, perform more patient services, and keep an eye on your inventory at a fraction of the time of your current workflow.


Nodens health started with a team of pharmacists and software engineers. As pharmacists, we understand the day-to-day challenges in the pharmacy and the increased demands by the community, patients, and regulations. In addition, we know the financial difficulties and burdens that the pharmacist has to go through, especially when opening a new pharmacy.

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