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Virtual care to your patients

Perform high-quality professional services at a scale at a fraction of the time currently spent on the current process, with better documentation and enhanced patient experience.

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Advocating Patient care, customer loyalty, and enhancing the pharmacist's role as an essential healthcare provider within the community has always been a critical component of Nodens. Nodens expands on this by offering pharmacy a patient-centric design and an integrated patient app.

Perform Medschecks and other services in few minutes

Nodens will enable patients to review their medications at the comfort of their homes. In addition, patients will help pharmacists identify any therapeutic issue with their medication. This will save pharmacists time and will enable them to perform a large number of patient services.

Branding for your pharmacy

***Coming soon*** Creating a website for your pharmacy and a mobile application including a patient portal where patients can access their files and request refills on their prescriptions.


When a patient is due for his annual medication review, the patient will receive an invitation to complete a series of questions determined by the pharmacist, automatically uploaded in the Medscheck form. These questions will help the pharmacist identify if there is any problem or concern with the patient.

Get the patient consent

The patient would electronically sign the consent form, and the consent form would be stored on the patient file.

Virtual communication

The pharmacist would communicate virtually any comments or concerns based on the form submitted, and then the pharmacist would be able to fax the doctor the Medscheck form.


All information on the Medscheck would be automatically populated on the Medscheck form, so no need to input any data manually.

Integration with pharmacy management system

Nodens integrates with your pharmacy management system, so any update performed while performing a patient service would be updated in the patient file in the pharmacy, so no need to re-enter any info.

Web-Based Platform

You can access Nodens platform from any device from anywhere, and everything is secured with multi-factor authentication


Pharmacists are playing a key role in the health care system. Pharmacists can provide a wide range of patient services *based on provincial regulations*. Nodens is providing your pharmacy with the first pharmacy patient open communication channel, where the patient can access his profile and report any drug-related problem along with completing required questions to perform medication reviews and follow up medication reviews.

Your patients will have access to their pharmacy profiles, will be able to update the pharmacy with any change of their treatment, and report any adverse events from any medication they are using.

Pharmacists' role has evolved a lot in the last few years, and providing patients services became more and more time-consuming. Nodens will help you perform quality patients services at scale. For the first time the patient would fill out a few questions related to their health and medications and once the patient finishes the pharmacist will have a summary of the medication review points that he will need to discuss with the patient. This will ensure that pharmacists never miss points that must be discussed with the patient.

Nodens integrates seamlessly with many pharmacy management systems(PMS). This means that patients will access their information on the current PMS, and also any change performed by the pharmacist on Nodens platform will automatically update patient records on your PMS. SO there is no need to repeat any of the paperwork twice.

Nodens is a cloud-based application, this means that Nodens platform can be accessed using any device from any location. this means more convenience to your team and your patients and also easier retrieval of your documents and forms for future needs.

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